Chairman's Message

I , on behalf of all teaching and non teaching staffs of PMPS thank and appreciate you and your sole decision fo getting your ward admitted in the one and only complete English Medium School of North East Delhi.

No doudt you would have a lot of expecations from us . at the initial stage you want your child to be a responsible citizen in respect of socially and economically , We comprehen your feelings and sentiments so well.

To come to the level of your expectation the school has highly qualified and experienced staffs having successful offers in the past several year . Our teachers are innovative and creative in their delivery . The teachers are excited about learning their subjects , They are generous and flexible to change and management privides then all trust and support in their techniques and methodologies . Name and fame wouldnot have become so far and wide without your cooperation .

I give in the fact that to become a ood and responsible citizen we have to do something extra May God each and every body of our society become a good and respectable man !

PMPS is and out come of aspirant . I gave foundation in the loving memory of my only beloved daughter" pushpanjali" who is now no more among us . My eyes go moisture but on the other hand , I feel proud and honored to be a guardian of so many little children . I see Pushpanjali's face in every child. Life is in the hands of " Almighty" . Duty is in our hands . The best way of investing my knowledge and experience in to educate a child .

It is a well known saying" if you plan for a year plant rice, if you plan for ten years plant a tree and if you plan for hundred years educate a child and I planned for hundred years . The outpu is before you. this credit goes to my teacher and parents.

I have learnt a lesson from my aborable parents, do good . be honest, be cooperative and success is yours . Nothing is Impossible . Once Napoleon, who was earlier a simple army asked his men to attack the enemies. The armies told that their is a mountain on their path . Napoleon said but their is no mountain on the way . As a result he won the battle.

We have made a great effort to turn over the system of providing education . We don't suffocate the talent hiddin in your ward. We nourish it to flourish because we are professionally managed . We believe in quality not in quantity. some schools nearby are being fun for the last two or two and half decades but Alas! neither a doctor nor an engineer has been produced yet. Who is responsible for all . the high trees don't cast shadow nor bear fruits. The expectation and hopes you have from us before and after the admission will come true . We take a vow your faith in us will never be shaken under any circumstances or at any cost because we knw the value of your darling .

PMPS commits to fulfill your dream. I am sleepless if any one student gets downfall . My endeavor and your faith will collide all the ill will of anti who produce an obstacle in the path of progress.

Gentlemen, you have much time to understand the wrong and right I pledge to change your ward into a blossom which is givin to me in the form of buds. It is not mere a word . It is my faith. I have inherited something from my adorable parents .

I wish for your cooperation and suggestion .
Let's pray! May God Pushpanjali Soul Rest in peace !
Truly yours
( Chairman and Founder )   PMPS